Delivering the Science of Pure Performance®

Does your enterprise need to...

Develop its human resources model?

Manage workforce transition or transformation?

Enhance the quality of communication?


Delivering the Science of Pure Performance® is an organizational development service enabling leaders to take a holistic view of their organization's strategy, communications, operations, and profitability.  The focus is on process improvement and business outcome metrics. The VARI Group offers professional development training  for consultant-practitioners as well as leaders.  

In addition, the major concepts are spelled out in short books for end users. The first, Performance by the Numbers, explains how leaders create quantitative goals based on their vision for the business. The second, Change Agents in Sunglasses, deals with the art and science of leadership in the information age. It shows how leaders define a vision, create a plan, and assure that the plan is communicated and followed. The third book spells out the PerfectCoaches® method, a separately branded web-based product enabling leaders to translate enterprise goals into standards for individual excellence.

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