What problem does PerfectCoaches solve?

Each year organizations invest over $148 billion on training to improve the performance of individuals and their enterprises. However, too often organizations fail to see a return on this investment as employees don’t put new skills into practice. PerfectCoaches helps solve this problem. It is a breakthrough method to leverage what psychologists call “behavioral modification,” or self-improvement. PerfectCoacheshelps individuals achieve the self-awareness and behavioral focus needed to learn and use new skills.


How is it used?

 PerfectCoaches can be used as a stand-alone development tool or with classroom or online trainings. Either way, it’s a cost-effective, rapidly deployed approach to individual excellence, enterprise performance and a culture of continuous quality improvement.

Each professional begins the process with a "Snapshot" of their current skills, habits, and behavior.  They then establish goals based on Best Practices discussed in the books.  Each day users work on one skill they want to acquire or improve. Their online Journal at PerfectCoaches.com tracks progress. A few words each day is all it takes to reinforce the changes.

Can PerfectCoaches be customized for my enterprise?


How does PerfectCoaches provide feedback and sustain communication about quality?


What role will the books play for my organization?


What does it cost?

Yes. The solution is ready to be customized and rapidly deployed as part of your enterprise’s ongoing talent development approach.The tools at PerfectCoaches.com and the books Selling Like the Coaches and Think Coaches define the PerfectCoaches process. Modifications can be made to the look and feel (e.g., adding your corporate logo), reports, and the role of the Motivation Coach (discussed below). 

A Skillset Resume specific to your Enterprise can be developed and promulgated as part of the implementation. The Skillset Resume consists of building-block skills and behaviors that are the foundation for Individual Excellence and Performance within your Enterprise. 

Users are encouraged to make at least one Journal entry each day. Journal feedback is provided by a "Motivator Coach."  By default, this role is performed by "Coach1" as part of the subscription. PerfectCoaches has a powerful network building tool that enables an enterprise to set up one-to-one and one-to-many relationships inside of your teams for the purpose of providing feedback.

When a user believes they have mastered a skill or acquired a new habit, they make a Journal entry including the phrase "GOT IT."  When users come up with a suggestion for an improvement to enterprise processes, they make a Journal entry beginning with the words "WHAT IF." The WHAT IF feature makes PerfectCoaches a “24x7 virtual Kaizen.” Kaizen is the Japanese word for the practice of continuous improvement in business. It means “good change,” and usually involves specific changes suggested by individuals or teams at “Kaizen events.”

Standard, customizable reports track: the completion of the initial Snapshot to establish goals; the overall frequency of Journal entries, and the frequency of "GOT IT" and "WHAT IF" entries .It is also possible to supplement the self-reporting of change with observations by others in a "360 feedback" context. 

The books supplement the online experience and ask basic questions of professional life: Who am I?. What do I do?  Why do I do it? When do I do it best? Where am I going?  How do I change? What if I could change the way we work? The books let users relate to each question as if it were a person helping to find the answer. The Coaches are the Questions, and the Questions are the Coaches. The books are structured to help each professional  A) Ask the questions, B) Begin their Notebook, C) Change what they DO, and D) Dialog with the Coaches via their Journal. The process belongs to them.

For an individual, a one month subscription and a book cost $19.95 (in one month, people can typically acquire at least one new skill or habit); a one year individual subscription costs $129.95. Corporate subscriptions, which include a book for each seat, are priced on a yearly basis and depend on the specific implementation (customized screens and reports, how the Motivation Coach feature is used, and other factors). Enterprise pricing for PerfectCoaches is highly competitive in the learning system marketplace. Significant discounts are being offered for early adopters of the method.