Individual excellence. Enterprise Performance. 

Virtual Applied Research International, the VARI Group, is a community of practice making the tools of organization development affordable and accessible to every business. The Science of Pure Performance® deals holistically with the interaction of people, process, and technology. "The people component," human resource management, often poses the greatest challenge. PerfectCoaches® is designed to help meet that challenge.

As a technology start-up, we’ve built a core team of experienced scientists, teachers, techies, storytellers, and organizational development professionals. Our mission is simple: to help every enterprise and every individual not only strive for excellence, but achieve it. 



PerfectCoaches is a simple, powerful tool that helps sustain focus on specific skills and habits every day. A breakthrough in talent development, PerfectCoaches creates a culture of continuous improvement, helping users achieve the self-awareness and behavioral focus necessary to learn and use new skills.

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Courses Powered by PerfectCoaches bring break-through technology to your professional development. Every seminar-style course covers best-practice skills and habits to move you and your company forward. Plus, you receive 60 days of coaching by a Motivation Coach at, a virtual follow-on that reinforces skills after you leave the seminar. Courses Powered by PerfectCoaches are a new and different developmental experience for you or your team. "Team registrations" (2 or more registrations) come with a 40% discount.

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Delivering the Science of Pure Performance® is an end-to-end Organization Development tool spanning enterprise planning, information age leadership, cloud-based software capabilities, and teamwork. Join the community of practice.