About US

Virtual Applied Research International, the VARI Group, is a community of practice making the tools of organization development affordable and accessible to every business. The Science of Pure Performance® deals holistically with the interaction of people, process, and technology. "The people component," human resource management, often poses the greatest challenge. PerfectCoaches® is designed to help meet that challenge.

The VARI Group is a Limited Liability Corporation founded by Dr. V. Douglas Hines, who serves as President and CEO. Concepts from his college text Office Automation: Tools and Methods for System Building guide our vision of the modern corporation as an integrated system where people and machines perform the information processing functions best suited to each. The book's discussion of  "system animism" underlies AMI (Adaptive Motivational Interaction), our artificial intelligence capability to be released in 2019.

As a technology start-up, we’ve built a core team of experienced scientists, teachers, techies, storytellers, and organizational development professionals. Our mission is simple: to help every enterprise and every individual not only strive for excellence, but achieve it.