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Perfect Coaches creates a virtuous cycle of Individual Excellence and Enterprise Performance. Professionals continuously enhance their Skillset Resume™ beginning with a quick online "snapshot" that creates self-awareness. A Journal sustains focus on measurable skill acquisition and 24x7 quality improvement for the enterprise.      :




There are lots of good ideas about how to achieve quality, enterprise performance, and continuous improvement.  Management training, leadership training, sales training, customer service training, coaching, books and seminars suggest thousands of ways.  

The VARI Group leverages those resources.  Our clients choose techniques that work for them, then use our tools to make specific changes to behaviors and practices.  Changing behaviorThat is what makes quality improvement happen.  For Business.  For People.  Worldwide.

Virtual Applied Research International—The VARI Group—is a 21st Century Knowledge Company organized as a Community of Practice.

      Our diverse community of independent Practitioners share a core set of methodologies and exchange experiences, knowledge, and ideas. The focus is on quality, best practices, and measurement.  


      Our practitioners use PerfectCoaches to help individuals build a Culture of Continuous Performance for themselves and their enterprise. The Science of Pure Performance gives

leaders a comprehensive picture of their organization's strategy, marketing and operations.

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The Science of Pure Performance is an end-to-end Organization Development tool spanning enterprise planning, information age leadership, cloud-based software capabilities, and teamwork.  Communication and quality increase when a business, university, or government agency tailors our tools to the goals of its stakeholders, leaders, and the enterprise.