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PerfectCoaches® is a brain-based method for achieving behavioral change through self-awareness, behavioral focus, and feedback.

The “perfect coaches” are fundamental questions of life that unlock self-awareness. Users quickly answer the questions in a 15 minute “self-awareness snapshot," then begin focusing on learning a specific skill. Each day they pause a moment to assess their progress with short (one or two sentences) entries in their online journal. Here they interact with their virtual Motivation Coach™ who plays one key role, which is to read their journal and provide feedback to motivate and reinforce behavior focus.

This innovative approach, designed scientifically to assist behavioral change, uses a Socratic-style dialog to keep users mindful of a clearly-defined goal. The Motivation Coach helps team members (users) master each new skill and, more importantly, continuously practice the skills they have already mastered. Micro-learning modules also support the learning process.

The “next wave” in workforce development, Motivation Coaching™ cost effectively implements a culture of coaching. Using our phone app or a PC, all employees at all levels have the same opportunity to build the skills that enhance your organization’s performance. Standard reports measure progress for every user every day. The solution can be quickly deployed across an entire enterprise as a stand-alone capability or a supplement to existing resources. A basic corporate subscription starts at $15 per user, per month ($129 per year). Enhanced subscriptions, to include virtual motivation coaching, start at $50 per month ($500 per year). Corporate discounts are available depending on the number of users.


Watch This Tutorial for an Introduction to PerfectCoaches

FEATURES   • Integrates seamlessly with your current training and development programs  • PC is designed for organizations which have implemented training and mentor programs and need help supporting the  • Simple, Customizable Design  • Affordable  • Aims for company-wide improvement on a personal level


Measure and Improve ROI from Training

  • Designed to integrate with any internal or external developmental program

  • Once a course is complete, a virtual Motivation Coach “takes it from there” to helps learners practice new skills the next day

  • Reinforces learning via immediate practice in the “real world” work environment

  • Provides standard reports measuring skill acquisition


Performance Management Based on Skill-Centric Coaching

  • Focuses the performance dialog on the future versus the past

  • Identifies specific behaviors to acquire or improve

  • Replaces or supplements annual performance reviews

  • “Outsources” general skill building to a Motivation Coach, freeing managers to concentrate on specific tasks being performed


Individualized Professional Development For Everyone

  • Online journal and Motivation Coach make coaching affordable and accessible to all

  • Interaction with the Motivation Coach is tailored to each user

  • Scalable from small teams to large organizations

  • A virtual Motivation Coach acts as content curator for 45 best practice skills and habits

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