The VARI Group is a Community of Practice

A Community of Practice is a group of people sharing a common craft, profession, or set of interests.  The VARI Group is a group is a community of independent entrepreneurs and professionals sharing a core set of methods and exchanging experiences, knowledge, and ideas about how companies improve the quality of their products and services and how individuals improve the quality of their lives.  

Our Common Methods and Culture 

Members of our Community of Practice have a complete package of solutions to offer their clients.

Our Perfect Coaches Method can be used by a wide array of Practitioners who work with individuals: life coaches, leadership coaches, academic advisors, counsellors, and many others.

Although not every leadership coach in our community consults with businesses, every business consultant also functions as a leadership coach.  Practitioners who work with businesses and organizations can use Perfect Coaches with managers and leaders individually, or to create a Culture of Continuous Improvement throughout the organization.  In addition, The Science of Pure Performance gives leadership a comprehensive picture of the organization's strategy, marketing, operations, and profitability. The VARI Group also teams with technology  firms so that our Practitioners can address improvement opportunities involving people, process, and technology.

To deliver sustained quality and organizational improvement cost-effectively, Specialists within client organizations are invited to to join the VARI Group Community of Practice.   Practitioner levels include Apprentice Practitioners who work under the guidance of another Practitioner; Practitioners (typically 3+ years of professional experience; and Senior Practitioners with a proven track record as a coach or consultant.

The Business Model

As a Practitioner, you can set your own prices for products and events and receive a portion of the revenue, typically 25 to 30%, from sales to end-user clients. Visit our online store to see baseline pricing and product descriptions.

Our methods can be tailored for specific client markets.  Five "lines of business" are envisioned: large consumer sales (e.g., real estate, automotive sales); retail and hospitality; the helping professions (e.g., life coaching, counselling); schools and universities; and the knowledge work industry (e.g., research, consulting, government).  For details on The VARI Group Community of Practice,    CLICK HERE.  To arrange an initial discussion concerning consulting or licensing arrangements, contact Dr.Hines


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There are lots of good ideas about how to achieve quality, enterprise performance, and continuous improvement.  Management training, leadership training, sales training, customer service training, coaching, books and seminars suggest thousands of ways.  

The VARI Group leverages those resources.  Our clients choose techniques that work for them, then use our tools to make specific changes to behaviors and practices.  Changing behaviorThat is what makes quality improvement happen.  For Business.  For People.  Worldwide.