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There are lots of good ideas about how to achieve quality, enterprise performance, and continuous improvement.  Management training, leadership training, sales training, customer service training, coaching, books and seminars suggest thousands of ways.  

The VARI Group leverages those resources.  Our clients choose techniques that work for them, then use our tools to make specific changes to behaviors and practices.  Changing behaviorThat is what makes quality improvement happen.  For Business.  For People.  Worldwide.


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Building your

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​​What is a Skillset Resume?

The Skillset Resume concept is
a way for individual goals and enterprise goals to intersect. The word resume comes from the old French for summarize, and your Skillset Resume is one particular way to summarize what you can do as a professional.

PerfectCoaches is a virtuous cycle that benefits both individual professionals and the teams and organizations where they practice their profession. As an individual, you continuously add Best Practice habits, behaviors, and skills as the building blocks of your Skillset Resume that describes, not what you did in your career, but WHO you are as a Professional.

Like your traditional professional resume, your Skillset Resume describes what you can contribute to your enterprise, except the focus is on what you can do versus what you have done. For the enterprise, the collection of Skillset Resumes, along with the traditional resumes, represent what the organization’s pool of talent can do to enhance Enterprise Performance through Individual Excellence.


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